Thursday, February 05, 2009

Washington DC

So my parents went away and Clint and I decided to do a mini vacation to Washington DC and Annapolis.

The ride down

Aunt Danielle came along and we started the day at the Holocaust museum that was very well done. Everett slept through it, but woke up in time to eat half a pizza (12 inch) and go to the zoo. We had a blast at the zoo! The highlights were

the "nice bear"

We watched the bears for a while and Everett kept calling "bear come, nice bear". Then we visited the elephant house and saw a baby elephant and a hippopotamus getting sprayed! That baby elephant weight just under 5,000 pounds.

Off to the monkey house where we saw a baby gorilla, sadly no pictures, but we loved the monkeys!

And last, we saw lions and tigers.

After the zoo, we spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Miller but for some reason didn't take any pictures.

All in all, we tired out Everett and he slept halfway home.

He woke up just in time to have a lunch date with his future wife, Lindsey, and his brother's future wife Ally.