Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Rider

How do you get a fine specimen like this you ask? Well it's simple!

First you take two fine specimen like these...

You eat healthy and make sure to work out on a regular basis...
And get that cardio in, and you are all set!

Everett loves his new bike. We tore up the town yesterday riding all the way from home to downtown to grab some lunch and head home. After naps we were at it again. Ev probably rode about 3 miles total yesterday. And today, we rode our bikes home from school.

Here are some random pictures I found on my phone of the things we have done in the last few weeks.

Cockpit day at the Air museum. Here are all the boys in front of an old Coast Guard Helicopter. Can you believe our friends fly these things? Hysterical and scary.

And here is Everett with a wolf at our local zoo.

Its still cold up here, so we had to take a break from the zoo and warm up in the carousel.

The dogs are still kicking around too. Delilah has been dying to get some runs in. Look how stressed she is.

Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness

It's that time again - March Madness!! March marks the coming of too too many birthdays.

Napolean - March 9th

Clint - March 10th

Clare - March 14th

Tad - March 15th

Everett - March 19th

Jack - March 27th

Pappi - March 30 and 31st (long story)

And by the end of the month, we are all tired and broke!

We started the month off with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Miller to celebrate the boys' birthdays.

After that we jetted off to South Carolina to visit with the Venns in a birthday extravaganza. Everett had a blast playing with Girl toys and hanging out with his cousins. Here is a pic of Pappa moose playing the guitar for the kids.

Here are three of the cousins zoning out in front of some toonies. Caroline is off running around or jumping on something.
Here is grammi getting in some good cuddles. Everett is off running around or jumping on something.
The trip was fantastic and we miss the girls terribly. The kids had a great time but were exhausted and took a few days to recover from the craziness. I'll post more pictures as soon as my sister sends me a copy of them....Sarah....hint

After our trip to SC, we had a great birthday party for all the March birthdays at Gammi and Pappis house. Auntie Claudia and Uncle Danny made an awesome snake cake for the boys. The boys got a sweet barbecue, some big boy bikes (Everett learned to ride on Clare's pink princess bike), and some other great stuff.
The next day was Jack's actual birthday. We started the day with a game of basketball, from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tad.
And then went off to the circus. Great Grandma and Grandpa Miller sent the boys some birthday money and they chose to use it to enjoy some rides,

see a bunch of animals, and....
ride a ginormous elephant!
We still owe them a phone call to thank them for the thoughtful gift. After that we went to have some ice cream at the rainforest cafe (which incidentally Jack actually hates - go figure).
I think the busy month tired the boys out just a little bit.

We even got to have some fun face timing Auntie Katie after dinner!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, thoughts and gifts. The boys had a wonderful month of extravaganza!