Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everything's Bigger in Texas

This past weekend Amy, Jack and I traveled to see our godson Greyson and his parents. After an early departure (2:30 AM), 2 drives, and 2 flights we made it to the country that borders us to the south, TEXAS. After clearing customs and trying to explain to them why we did NOT have any firearms on us they let us go and we drove to Corpus Christi on the gulf coast.

We hit up the beach and Jack and Greyson hung out
We went to the aquarium and the kids loved it

We also got to just lounge around and enjoy the boys.

We also got to check out Brian's job (he is a pilot for the USCG)

Lastly, since Brian and Ali are Everett's godparents, we had to check out their parenting skills.
Putting kids in a wrestling hold: not so good.

Bonding over tummy time: pretty good parenting.
Baby's head in the rotor blades, not so good. It says "KEEP AWAY"

Sharing ice cream, definately good. Overall very good parenting and a great weekend. Thanks guys.
Lastly, a little video of Jack's sweet dance moves: