Friday, August 28, 2009

Bits and pieces of life

Jack is 5 MONTHS OLD!
Still adorable. Guess that wears off around 2....kidding Ev. You are still cute too.To celebrate, Jack asked us to taste of bit of food and we obliged. Here he is taking his first bites of rice cereal. As you can see, he isn't too sure of it.

And he can hold his own bottle. His first tooth just arrived too (bottom left center), so it looks like Jack is almost ready to join the fam at the dinner table.

We also celebrated his almost half a year mark by visiting the Heyman girls in Newport. It was great to go back to the place where we started our adult lives and where the boys were "just a glimmer in our eyes". Not too much has changed, but it was really weird trying to find parks and such for kids. Somehow, even after living there, we had no idea what to do with kids. Apparently they aren't allowed in bars...what!?

Here are Lindsey and Everett on 2nd beach.

Everett making the moves on Lindsey.

And despite the beautiful day, there was a half moon on the horizon all afternoon. Weird...

We ate some dinner in an old firehouse and then hit Breton state park, the last bit of land at the end of Newport Harbor (where mommy used to stare when she was leaving port - beautiful). Ev and Lindsey rolled down the hill and watched the kites.

And some more moves from Everett the stud. Apparently he didn't hear the "play" in "playdate" and took Lindsey to watch the sunset hand in hand. awwwwww

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ally-gater turns one!

We visited the Heymans in Jersey for Ally' first birthday party. Here she is in all her glory. Adorable, no!Her awesome cake made by mommy.Jack hamming it up with the older ladies. (on a side note, Jack now loves to stand up and gets pretty mad when you don't help him to do it)After that we decided to play a rousing game of toss the little people. Not sure who had more fun, the adults or kids...Everett


Lindsey. It was hardest to catch her on film because her bathing suit made her superfast!

They all had a great time as did we and we wrapped it up just before the sky opened up. Thank you Heymans for having us down for the party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blueberry picking and Canoe trips

The fam took a ride to a local orchard and picked some blueberries. I think Everett ate as many bluberries as he picked...anyway the trip was well worth it because Daddy made dark chocolate covered blueberries with the extras. YUM!! Jack was especially good at picking because he has developed excellent grasping skills. I can't tell you how many things he has pulled off the table.

A few days later we decided to take the boys on a canoe trip down the river to a private beach only reachable by small boat. We loaded the canoe on top of the car and took it to Gillette's castle to launch it. Under the shadow of the castle we began "our" row downstream. I say "our row" because as you can see in the following picture Amy and the boys sat nicely under a shade umbrella until we got there.

Mommy actually had to hold Jack and couldn't row because he hates his life jacket. You can see how happy he was when we finally got there and he could take it off.

Then he fell asleep in the shade on the beach, not a bad life.

Here is Daddy and Everett swimming off the beach.

Apparently someone had been there before because they put up a nice rope swing for us to try. The water was warm enough even Mommy couldn't resist the swing.

...and Daddy didn't break it as he thought he might.

After swimming we had our picnic lunch and then Mommy and Everett built a sand castle.

All in all it must have been a good day because Jack passed out on the canoe ride home and Everett almost fell asleep standing up in the bow. He finally sat down and passed out where he sat.

Annapolis, here we come...almost there...we can see the exit

So the day after Lake Compounce, we went down to Annapolis to visit Clint's parents for their 30th anniversay! It was a surprise visit for Clint's mom and didn't go quite as planned. We made it within sight of the exit and broke down and got to stand on the side of the highway for a while. Everett loved it becuase he got to see all the big trucks up close and personal. And ... ta-da...we got to sit in a police car while we waited for a ride. We sat in the front and Mamma had a really hard time not stealing the car and pulling people over. I mean, come on, he left the keys in the ignition and the lights ON! Anway, it was a fun visit.

So hot...Poli just had to take a break from walking and recline.

And Lucky Everett got to drive the firetruck! Two days, two rescue vehicles. All a two year old could ever ask for.

Jack wondering what is going on.

On Monday, we went to Baltimore's inner harbor. There we walked around a little and went to the aquarium. Here is Everett with Grandma and Grandpa Miller and Aunt Danielle at the dolphin show.

A little closer look at the Dolphins.

The Millers at the Baltimore Aquarium.

Thank you to Grammy and Papa Miller for letting us bring our havoc down for the weekend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C-rah O-rah AST-rah G-rah, U-rah ARD Rah

What does that spell, Lake Compounce. So the very intricate and hysterical title boils down to a trip Lake Compounce for Coast Guard day celebrations for the Miller family. It was a great day.
You can see mommy and Ev way up there in the pink balloon.

Everett is a very serious rider. I think this is the only smile he cracked while actually riding all day long. He wouldn't even acknowledge us as we cheered and waved at him on the rides he went on by himself. Maybe we embarrass him already.....

And Jack, the big stud, rode his very first ride with a little assistance from Dad. No smile there either...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Invasion...Block Island Trip

Grammy and Pappa went on vacation to Block Island. They took the boat over and invited us to stay with them. We took them up on their offer and unfortunately for them, we never left...the great vacation invasion.
We got there on Friday night and started bright and early Saturday morning with a dinghy ride to the clamming grounds. Ev knew the way and navigated there all by himself.
Here is the day's catch. Over the next few days we did a bunch of stuff, which apparently tired Ev out. Here he is sleeping in his bike seat. And he didn't even wake up from the bike to the beach.

Here is Daddy and Pappa body surfing. We actually had to drag daddy off the beach when it was time to go.

And here is Everett after he finally woke up. He loved the beach and tried to smuggle all of it home in each and every crevice of his body.

Jack meanwhile decided he needed a cool drink and kept trying to steal beer bottles from the cup holders. Jack, we didn't let your brother drink until he was 2.

Grammy didn't think it was right to smuggle so much sand, so we let the water reclaim its rightful property. Sorry Ev.

On another day we rode our bikes all over the island. Here we are at the South Lighthouse.

And the trek down to Mohegan Bluffs.

Jack enjoyed the ride.

Here is Clint at the famous Oar.

And here is Ev all salty with his brand new pirate tattoo.

Another trip to the beach turned into a cool experience when we got to see a real life Coast Guard rescue. Ev through it was pretty cool because his Godfather does this for a living! Congrats on graduating from flight school Bri Bri.

And here is another trip to the beach. This picture is tough to decipher, but you have Ev asleep in the front of the bike trailer and Jack asleep in the back.

A beautiful family enjoying the beach! A great vacation. Thanks Grammy and Pappa for letting us crash your vacation!!