Thursday, August 20, 2009

Annapolis, here we come...almost there...we can see the exit

So the day after Lake Compounce, we went down to Annapolis to visit Clint's parents for their 30th anniversay! It was a surprise visit for Clint's mom and didn't go quite as planned. We made it within sight of the exit and broke down and got to stand on the side of the highway for a while. Everett loved it becuase he got to see all the big trucks up close and personal. And ... ta-da...we got to sit in a police car while we waited for a ride. We sat in the front and Mamma had a really hard time not stealing the car and pulling people over. I mean, come on, he left the keys in the ignition and the lights ON! Anway, it was a fun visit.

So hot...Poli just had to take a break from walking and recline.

And Lucky Everett got to drive the firetruck! Two days, two rescue vehicles. All a two year old could ever ask for.

Jack wondering what is going on.

On Monday, we went to Baltimore's inner harbor. There we walked around a little and went to the aquarium. Here is Everett with Grandma and Grandpa Miller and Aunt Danielle at the dolphin show.

A little closer look at the Dolphins.

The Millers at the Baltimore Aquarium.

Thank you to Grammy and Papa Miller for letting us bring our havoc down for the weekend.

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