Friday, June 26, 2009

Everett and Daddy's First Camping Trip

Everett and I had our first camping trip this past week. We left the comfort of the back deck to venture out into the great backyard. Once there we set about making camp. Here we are setting up our tent.

And Everett couldn't resist testing out the worthiness of the tent by rolling around and looking for holes.

Here we are with Mommy and Jack. You will also see that our faithful "Trail-Chihuahua" inspected the tent to see that all was in order.

Even Grandma and Grandpa came over to see how the camping trip was going.

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Everett loved sleeping in the tent and slept very well. I slept alright, it was comfortable but I was being kicked all night. He wants to go again so maybe next time we will take it to the next level of adventure....A State Park.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our visit to see Caroline

It was a great visit to South Carolina to see our nieces. Caroline is just as beautiful as her big sister. Those girls and their hair!!

So here we are at the airport. Everett had his own bag that he wheeled like a champ.

The little ones. Clint was smitten with Caroline. Sarah checked our suitcase to make sure we didn't pack her up.

Ev got some cuddle time in too.

All the kiddos. What a crew. All Blond hair and blue eyes!

But babies are tiring...

And this is possibly my favorite picture ever!

We hit the pool for an afternoon. Here is Ev doing his trick for all the onlookers.

This was the first time Clare swam all by herself. What a brave girl.

I got some good cuddle time in. Ev was off harassing the dogs.

Uncle Tad hosted a tea party.

Us girls and our babies. Look how big Jack is!

Grammi and her Grandchildren. She was in her element surrounded by all those kids.

Story time with Aunt Sarah.

And we also hit the zoo. Everett pulled Clare around for a bit in the wagon.

We got to feed the birds.

Not sure Grammi liked it...
Grammi took them on the choo choo.

And we all got to feed the giraffe!

A good fam shot.

And the behinds of some cuties!

It was a great visit. And now The Venn's are packing up their first house to move into a beautiful SPACIOUS new home. We can't wait to visit again!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A visit from the other Jack Miller

We had a great (but too short) visit from the boys Great-grand parents (Clint's grandparents). They drove down from Cooperstown NY for the afternoon.
And here is Everett with his second cousin who brought him some fantastic gifts...

These awesome handmade pillows. Thanks for the great visit. We hope to see you again soon.

Some New pics of everyday life with all the boys

Some good cuddles turned into some good sleeping. Poli even got in on some cuddles (as usual). Jack is almost as big as Everett.

What a stud.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sesame place!

We went to Sesame Place with the inlaws over the weekend. It was a blast. This is Everett, Lindsey and Lindsey's cousin Jonathan.

We started off with some easy activities. This is big bird's nest with Kelly and Ally.
Then we hit the teacups, which Everett LOVED! I think mommy liked them even more.
We headed over to a buffet lunch and the kids were just having a blast with each other.

They shared food, drinks, snacks, and even glasses. Everett rocks the Daisy glasses.

Off to the lazy river. Everett and Lindsey even got their own tubes.
And then the parade. The three kiddos had a blast dancing to the music and seeing ELMO!!They are sooooo meant to be!

The we hit the big splash pad. Ev went down the waterslide all by himself! We had to get out when he turned blue and started shivering.

Jack didnt get to do much, but he seemed to enjoy it anyway.

We all watched Elmo live. Here is Ev, Lindsey and Ally all lined up watching Elmo.

Back to Big Bird's nest. Everyone left the park around dinner time so there were no lines. Linsey, kelly, Mommy and Everett hit all the rides we could. It was a blast!!

Climbing the mountain. What a little monkey.

The bug ride.

Look ma no hands. Lindsey is soooo brave.

And to top things off, we went on the blast off ride. Mommy thought he hated it when he started to cry when it ended, but it turns out he was just crying becuase he didnt want to get off. He kept asking to ride it again.

and here he is sleeping with his eyes open after a long day.