Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sesame place!

We went to Sesame Place with the inlaws over the weekend. It was a blast. This is Everett, Lindsey and Lindsey's cousin Jonathan.

We started off with some easy activities. This is big bird's nest with Kelly and Ally.
Then we hit the teacups, which Everett LOVED! I think mommy liked them even more.
We headed over to a buffet lunch and the kids were just having a blast with each other.

They shared food, drinks, snacks, and even glasses. Everett rocks the Daisy glasses.

Off to the lazy river. Everett and Lindsey even got their own tubes.
And then the parade. The three kiddos had a blast dancing to the music and seeing ELMO!!They are sooooo meant to be!

The we hit the big splash pad. Ev went down the waterslide all by himself! We had to get out when he turned blue and started shivering.

Jack didnt get to do much, but he seemed to enjoy it anyway.

We all watched Elmo live. Here is Ev, Lindsey and Ally all lined up watching Elmo.

Back to Big Bird's nest. Everyone left the park around dinner time so there were no lines. Linsey, kelly, Mommy and Everett hit all the rides we could. It was a blast!!

Climbing the mountain. What a little monkey.

The bug ride.

Look ma no hands. Lindsey is soooo brave.

And to top things off, we went on the blast off ride. Mommy thought he hated it when he started to cry when it ended, but it turns out he was just crying becuase he didnt want to get off. He kept asking to ride it again.

and here he is sleeping with his eyes open after a long day.


Laurie said...

I love it! I wish that we could've come too. It looks like you all really enjoyed the day together! Glad to know that you'll enjoy the in-laws for your boys.

Anonymous said...

These photos are fantastic. I just kept smiling as I looked at each one. What a glorious day you all had together. Thanks for sharing.

Much love, mom (Diana)