Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Everett

This was Everett's first Christmas. He might have been a little too young for presents but he really got the hang of the gift bags. He loves pulling the paper out of them. Here is a video of him unwrapping one from his Godparents, who are currently living in Puerto Rico. What a great idea, thanks guys. We already used it to show him where you are.

Also, thanks to everyone else who so generously made his first Christmas a great one, now to find a spot for everything.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everett and Napolean

Monday, November 26, 2007

Peek a Boo Continued

Here is another video, a little less grainy this time.

New Video

Everett Laughing as I play peek a boo with his stuffed animal.


I hope everyone had a good holiday. Amy and I took Everett to his aunt and uncle's house and here are a few pictures.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Bean - Part II

Thank you all for the comments on what Everett should be for Halloween. We actually did not choose any of the costumes I had posted. Instead we found this at Old Navy and since it was 50% off and only $10 and he is only going to wear it once, we couldn't resist. Here it is, Everett the Magic Dragon, who lives by the sea.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Everett Laughing

Here is a good video of Everett getting really wound up and laughing. Grandma is lucky she didn't get peed on.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Everett Talking

Everett is starting to use syllables to try to get his point across. Here I think he is telling me he is hungry and would like more food.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Bean

Since it is the middle of October and we have Halloween coming up I have decided to enlist your help in choosing a costume for Everett. Below you will see several different images of what the Bean would look like in different outfits. Take a good look. Use the comment section to place your vote or suggest something different. We will do our best to then obtain the winning costume in his size. Voting will run through the end of this week. Now, the pictures....

The Everett Monkey

Super Everett

Teddy Bean

The Wonderful thing about Everetts are Everetts are wonderful things,

their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs,

They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

But the most wonderful thing about Everetts is he's the only one

Recent Pictures

Amy is right, we do have some pictures to share. I like to call these "Attack of the Naked Baby." This is me winding the baby up and getting him ready to pee on mommy.

Everett likes being naked, he also likes peaches. Here you can see him wearing his peaches and for once, you can see where his eyebrows are.

And like any baby, what goes in must come out, here he is working on a nice poop(note the red around the eyes, he pushes pretty hard). He went directly from the highchair to the bathtub on this night.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lesson Apparently Not Learned

You may remember a post around the 3 of April, here it is, where I learned a very valuable lesson about carrying around naked babies. Well apparently, I forgot to let Amy in on my little bit of knowledge.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, he is sooooo proud of himself.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Everett Claps

Here is a video of Everett's newest trick. He just started today. This is what is happening:

Everett likes to crawl up to the TV and pull himself up so we started to tell him no to teach him not to do that. We didn't really think he would get it but he does. He recognizes his name and that he is doing something wrong, he then turns around and sits. Just today he started clapping when he turned around. Then he starts all over again. Here is the video:

Friday, October 05, 2007

Long Overdue Update

It has been a long time since I have posted an update. We have had a lot going on. I changed jobs and then had a week in Massachusetts followed by a week in Florida and then New York. Now things have settled down a little and I am working from home. I should be able to update more often.
Everett is getting pretty big, he is just over 16 pounds now but he would be even heavier if he wasn't so active. He burns off everything we put in him. He started combat crawling on his belly which quickly progressed to all out crawling over the past two weeks. He can also pull himself up to standing so he is pretty mobile now. He crawls over to whatever catches his eye and climbs on top of it immediately. Climbing is his favorite thing to do, that and get into mischief with Grandma's new puppy (they are inseperable).

He is eating well, he loves fruits and some vegetables. He can deal with carrots, sweet potatos and squash but is not impressed with green beans or peas, which we usually end up wearing while he screams at us.

Here are a few recent pictures. I will start taking some videos this week and also adding more pictures so check back often. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Everett Playing

Here is a video of Everett playing with his teddy bear. He is doing very well with sitting and balancing himself. He can lift his whole body up on just his hands and toes which is pretty impressive. He rolls himself around to find his toys and he is starting to scoot backwards.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everett's Baptism

Everett's Babtism went well this past weekend. We held it at the Coast Guard Academy chapel in New London, CT. He wore a Christening Robe that has been passed down through the family for 150 years. It was worn by his grandmother and also his mother. My parents and sister came up from Maryland and Amy's aunt and uncle came from Rhode Island and stood in as the Godparents. Brian and Ali Schmidt are Everett's official Godparents. Here are a few pictures of the event.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sorry about the Video

Well it looks like that video is not going to work. Instead, here are some recent pictures. As you can see it is not easy to get him to sit still for a picture any more.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kick Everett Kick

Here is a new video of Everett swimming. He has been getting some practice and if you look you can see him kicking as he comes around.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Everett and Clare Together

This past weekend Amy's sister came up for a visit and it was a chance to have Everett and Clare together for the first time. They were both just over 4 months old and we took a lot of pictures. I have added a link to the multimedia section on the right to the full album of them together. The link is also below and here are a few of my favorites.

Everett and Clare Together

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update and Video

Everett is still growing pretty rapidly. He has hit 15 pounds and rolls around all over the place now. We also found that his hands are working well as he tries to steal our food and drinks from us all the time. He recently took to grabbing cups of water and trying to drink them so we got him his own sippy cup. Here is a video of that.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everett and Daddy's First Race

This past weekend was an exciting one. Everett, Amy and I ran in a 5K race in New London. Amy has run races before and I have done several cycling events but this was my first race and also Everett's first. We finished strong and Everett got first place in his division (less than 1 years old). Amy scored 10th in her division (female 20-29) and due to a registration error I was 11th in her division (female 20-29, go figure).

Friday, July 13, 2007


Everett cut his first teeth on around the 7th of the month. They are the two very front bottom teeth. In one of the videos you see him shoveling anything he can reach into his mouth. He continues to do this while he chomps on whatever is closest. We had to buy some teethers that go in the fridge and the freezer. Just like most kids however, his favorite thing is also the simplest, he likes to chew on wet washcloths. Go figure, you buy them something and they like the box right?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



A few more pictures from the wedding

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding. The church was beautiful and Everett was very quiet for the most part, the only hitch was a very loud poop in the middle of the sermon, causing several pews full of people to turn around to find the source of such commotion.

After the wedding we walked over to the reception site where apparently Everett was exhausted and fell asleep.

Luckily he woke up in time to pose for a picture with the bride.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Video

Here is another new video taken over the last weekend. This was in the airport. While we were waiting for a plane Everett was trying to stick anything he could get his hands on in his mouth. He is beginning the long process of teething and is whiney a lot and likes to have cold things to bite on.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everett Laughing

At the beginning of this video you can hear Everett laughing while I am playing with him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beach Baby

Amy, Everett and I went down to Naples, FL this past weekend for a wedding. It was a lot of firsts both for us and for the baby. It was his first plane, our first vacation, his first time to the beach and in the Gulf. He was of course dressed to the gills for the wedding. Here are a few of the beach pictures. Keep watching because I have a ton more that will go up in the next few days along with some new videos.

Smiling and Laughing in his carseat at the beach.

Little Everett footprints in the sand.

All dressed up and ready to play.

Getting in the ocean.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

One More Picture

3 Months Old

Everett turned 3 months old on 6/19 and we just got around to taking his picture last night. We take a picture each month in the same chair with the same bear (an idea borrowed from a friend). Here are the pictures:

He loves his bear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sleepy 3-month old

Everett turned 3 months yesterday and one thing you can say about babies is that they sleep a lot...

Sometimes they fall asleep on Daddy...

Sometimes they fall asleep on Mommy...

And sometimes, they just fall asleep while playing with their toys.