Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beach Baby

Amy, Everett and I went down to Naples, FL this past weekend for a wedding. It was a lot of firsts both for us and for the baby. It was his first plane, our first vacation, his first time to the beach and in the Gulf. He was of course dressed to the gills for the wedding. Here are a few of the beach pictures. Keep watching because I have a ton more that will go up in the next few days along with some new videos.

Smiling and Laughing in his carseat at the beach.

Little Everett footprints in the sand.

All dressed up and ready to play.

Getting in the ocean.


Cindy said...

ha! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Clint and Amy,
He seems to enjoy everything you do with him - it's lovely to see him so happy.

And I love the new video, he laughs really loud.

Love, Diana (mom)