Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Warm, Clear Day

The rain finally stopped yesterday and we had a nice clear evening to spend some time outside. We put on our sunglasses and got together with Amy's parents for quick bike ride. It was a good ride and the boys enjoyed themselves, here is an action shot.

There in the trailer you can see Napolean sticking his head out. So we hit the roads for about 3 miles and although it was nice and clear it was humid so we all got a little sweaty and needed showers. Here are a few pictures of Everett taking a shower in the kitchen sink. He is going to kill me for this when he gets older.

After getting nice and clean he had some milk and went to bed. He slept through the night, I guess the ride wore him out.


Anonymous said...

Amy- In that last picture he resembles you a lot!
Sarah C

Anonymous said...

Amy and Clint,

He is so darn cute!

Love, mom (Diana)

Anonymous said...

He's SOOO cute. I can't wait to see him!

I wonder where he got the sunglasses...most have been his favorite Aunt!

Aunt Sarah