Thursday, June 07, 2007

Waterbaby - A fairy tail for land babies, or real?

Originally published in 1863 by Charles Kingsley, the story of the little chimney sweep that is Tom was a very popular fairy tale throughout the late 19Th century and up through the 1920s. Similar to Peter Pan, another moralistic Victorian fairytale, it contained two worlds, the world of Christianity and the world of fairies. Unique to this novel is perhaps the greatest argument to the existence of water babies and fairies ever offered up:

as the reader says: "But there are no such things as water babies," Kingsley answers with devastating logic: "how do you know? Have you ever been there to see? No one has a right to say water babies don't exist until they have seen no water babies existing."

This argument is so great because of course, you can never prove a universal negative!

However, I now have in my possession even greater proof of the existence of water babies. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I offer it up to you here:

Tomorrow, I will present even more eveidence. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hey kids!
Your intro to this waterbaby picture is so creative and Everett really seems to love the water. The picture is really cute.

I like him in the sunglasses too.
Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Amy and Clint:
I believe. I believe.
Sarah Culpeppa