Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blueberry picking and Canoe trips

The fam took a ride to a local orchard and picked some blueberries. I think Everett ate as many bluberries as he picked...anyway the trip was well worth it because Daddy made dark chocolate covered blueberries with the extras. YUM!! Jack was especially good at picking because he has developed excellent grasping skills. I can't tell you how many things he has pulled off the table.

A few days later we decided to take the boys on a canoe trip down the river to a private beach only reachable by small boat. We loaded the canoe on top of the car and took it to Gillette's castle to launch it. Under the shadow of the castle we began "our" row downstream. I say "our row" because as you can see in the following picture Amy and the boys sat nicely under a shade umbrella until we got there.

Mommy actually had to hold Jack and couldn't row because he hates his life jacket. You can see how happy he was when we finally got there and he could take it off.

Then he fell asleep in the shade on the beach, not a bad life.

Here is Daddy and Everett swimming off the beach.

Apparently someone had been there before because they put up a nice rope swing for us to try. The water was warm enough even Mommy couldn't resist the swing.

...and Daddy didn't break it as he thought he might.

After swimming we had our picnic lunch and then Mommy and Everett built a sand castle.

All in all it must have been a good day because Jack passed out on the canoe ride home and Everett almost fell asleep standing up in the bow. He finally sat down and passed out where he sat.


Alison said...

You guys make me want to trade my kayak in for a canoe. So fun!

Anonymous said...

I love getting on here and seeing all the wonderful things you are all doing. Blueberry picking and canoe fun, it looks like all of you had a great time.

Stay well, love mom

Tad and Sarah said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

And I am so proud that you are wearing hat and sunglasses!