Monday, October 23, 2006

The Name Post

We have been thinking of names and bought a book for suggestions. There are around 75000 names in it which can be overwhelming to say the least. We are looking for suggestions. Use the comment section to add yours or comment on others' suggestions. Right now we have several that are in our heads. They include:


We have suggestions of Liam and Christian from my mom and Levi and Noah from my sister.


Anonymous said...

I like "Brennan" or Evan was cute. Good luck AMy and Clint... I am so happy for you 2! Tara

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tim reminded me that he told Clint his 1st born should be named Ivan as we all traveled through the storm for the wedding. LOL I told him 2 of your top names were a version of Ivan "Ian & Evan." I personally like Evan. Another name I like is Reed. Love this site you've set up. Happy for both of you. Take care, Anita

Clint said...

Ivan is a good name, and "Ivan the Terrible" may be a good nickname through the terrible twos but it may get old in high school. I will add it to the list though. Thanks for the comment Anita.