Monday, December 04, 2006

New York

This past weekend Amy and I visited New York and while we were there we checked out FAO Schwartz. They had a baby section and guess what we found in the back of it. The MURSE. I decided against buying it, I have already gotten a manly Jeep diaper bag.


Anonymous said...

Clint I have to say you do look pretty manley with the murse. It would so match the outfit I got the baby. Love you guys!

Sister Danielle

Anonymous said...

Sort of ironic, I just found this article:
and I was coming to your blog to share it with you, and here's a blog about the MURSE. We are really on the same wavelength.
You are looking quite studly there, I have to agree.
Cindy Gode

Clint said...

OOH, I like that bag. The Harley look works for me. You should see the one I got, I put a picture up soon.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this morning that there is a designer making "Manly" diaper bags from recycled inner tubes. That's right....innertubes. I was going to send you the name of the designer, but if you have a jeep bag, I'll let it go.