Monday, January 22, 2007

Car Seat

So I had to wrestle with the car seat base a little to get it in there right and now that it is I don't think it is coming out. We bought a second base for Amy's parents car so that we can just snap the whole car seat in and out of the seperate cars.

I think with the addition of the car seat to my station wagon I have officially gone from red sports car driving Clint to Soccer-Dad Clint. All I need is an honor roll sticker on the back. Oh well, at least I can still light up the Harley when I want.

I think maybe I will drive a little crazy with the empty car seat back there just to see people's reactions. Maybe I should strap it to the roof rack, although that might get me arrested.

Just about 6 weeks to go, not too long now and I am really getting excited.


Anonymous said...

From the sound of it, you are not going to miss that red sports car for awhile.

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should also get a seat base for the Harley. I think you would definitely be noticed if you and the little one went out for an afternoon cruise.

Anonymous said...

On top of strapping the carseat to the roof, you should strap your coffee in next to you...nice and snug...then see what the cops say.
I'm excited for you guys!