Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Everett's First Play Date

The other day we had the pleasure of watching Naomi for a few hours while her mom took care of some things she needed to take care of. Everett loved having another little person in the house. He touched her hair, tried to poke her eyes and nose and mouth, gave her big tackle hugs, and took every toy she was playing with. I guess we will have to work on the sharing. He is not used to other babies around. Naomi on the other hand attends daycare where she is often stepped on and tackled and crawled over, she just took it in stride. We loved having her and will gladly do it again anytime. Here are a few pictures of the two:


Anonymous said...

How was it with 2 babies?? Clare and Nicholas steal toys from each other all day long....
Give Everett a kiss from his favorite Aunt!

Anonymous said...

These are really cute photos. Keep sharing, We love seeing all that is happening in your lives.

Love, Mom