Tuesday, March 04, 2008

KidCity (exactly what it sounds like)

After we went sledding the other weekend we stopped in to what we thought was a kid's museum called KidCity. What it is is an old building that has been filled with nothing but playscapes. They range from space ships to kaleidescopes, model trains, to a big apple tree clubhouse. There is a Pirate Ship, a little person grocery store, and a whole under the sea area. The following are a few pictures from the last time we went. We actually bought a membership because Everett loved it so much and it is good for him to be able to socialize with others. Right now his social skills consist of kissing and showing off for the girls, and pushing the boys out of his way.


Anonymous said...

To quote my very funny and handsome husband....

When he got into the car with Everett, he said

"Look at me, I'm Britney".

I don't think the other parents though it was funny....

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful photos. You can see Everett is having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing all these new experiences.

Love, mom (Diana)

Anonymous said...


We love you!
Aunt Sarah, Uncle Tad, and Clare

Anonymous said...

Happy one day late birthday to Everetto.
Sarah C.