Wednesday, October 01, 2008


As you can see from the ticker on the right Amy is 15 weeks along now. Everything is going well. She is healthy and the new baby is healthy and growing. I was able to feel it move a little for the first time the other night. Amy has been feeling it moving around for about a week and a half now. She says it feels like there is a butterfly in her belly. We haven't made any progress on names yet but we haven't gone any deeper into it than just shouting them out and immediately shooting them down.

Everett is getting bigger by the minute. He is adding more and more words to his vocabulary. He has become very good at mimicking sounds so he can repeat most things we say. His newest words are CAR and UH OH. He says PLEASE now whenever he wants something (sounds like PIECE) and he also grabs us by the hand to take us to what he wants.

We have successfully gotten rid of the pacifier for all but when he is in his crib sleeping and sometimes in the car. We have also switched him over to cloth diapers to preserve the environment a bit.

This weekend Everett's Godparents, Brian and Ali will be visiting from Florida. It should be a lot of fun, pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

Actually I would say please sounds more like cheese. He says it with so much excitement, and such a grin, it is hard to say no.

Anonymous said...

Amy and Clint,
We are so happy to hear Amy that you are doing well with this pregnancy and excited to get to see you all at the end of the month. Please keep showing Everett a picture of us so he doesn't forget us. I can only imagine him saying "cheese"

Love, mom (diana)