Thursday, November 13, 2008

Everett gets a Big Boy Bed

So we found out we are having a new boy, which means we don't have to buy much in anticipation. We decided we wanted to have the boys share a room (for a lot of reasons) and so we bought a toddler bed for Everett - the crib would be for the baby. We figured we would just let it stay in the room for a while before we switched him over, but he was soooo excited, he just went for it. He yelled "bed" (sounds like beh), climbed in for story time, laid down and slept, all on the first night. Nap time was a bit more interesting because mommy put him to bed before he was really tired enough to sleep (he was too excited about being in the bed) and he escaped a few times, just to giggle and run back to bed. So it has been a few days and he still yells "beh" every time he sees it, and shows all the visitors his new digs. And I thought this parenting thing was going to be hard....kidding. Here are some pics.

Love, Amy

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Anonymous said...

The new bed is beautiful and I am glad it is such a hit with Everett. He's a sweetee!

Love, mom (diana)