Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bronx Zoo

Yesterday we took Everett and Jack down to New York to see the Bronx Zoo. We had a pretty good day for it, partly cloudy and about 60 degrees. Here is Amy and Everett at the seal tank when we first got there.

After that we went to a snack are to have a little food, there was a peacock roaming around in between the tables. Here you can see Everett checking him out.
After we got a little food in us we headed off to see the Tigers. Everett like looking at the Tigers and telling us about how they roar.
On the way to see the lions we came across a wide open space where there were some more peacocks running around. They seemed to be all over the zoo but here they were on full display.
We finally got to the lions where there was a mom and dad and a baby lion. The baby is hard to see because it is hiding behind the rock on the left.

Here he is peaking his head up.

After the lions we decided to take the monorail ride through the Asia exhibit. Here we are all stuffed into our seat.
We saw a lot of dear while we were there.
And another Tiger.

And a couple of 39 year old lady elephants.

After the monorail ride we headed over to see the baby giraffe. Not this one.
That little one laying down on the left.
As you can see, both of the boys had a great time and saw all kinds of animals. Everett's favorite thing however.

Was the School Buses.

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cindy n-g said...

aw looks like an awesome day. i just can't believe how big everett is....he's spilling out of his stroller!