Wednesday, February 03, 2010

St. Thomas!!!

We took a family trip to St. Thomas in January and it was fantastic! The boys had a blast in the sun and sand and they came back almost as white as when they left thanks to some great parenting. Here are some pics in no particular order (since blogger is not so user friendly in the picture uploading department).

We didn't want to pay for Everett to fly, so we packed him up in a box and sent him to the house. He arrived in good spirits and no worse for the wear...we are just not sure what he did with his pants.
Here we are on the deck of the house. It had an amazing view and a sweet pool.

Everett has no fear of the water and played in the pool or ocean pretty much every day. Check out that view.

Our favorite beach at the bottom of the hill. Everett made some friends.

He enjoyed some great umbrella drinks. Don't worry, it is light on the rum. Kidding...

H tried a rope swing at the beach in St. John. And again, where did his pants go?

He tried a bit of snorkeling in the pool. Again, pants.

He did some body surfing on Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Here he is with his Aunt and Uncle who were absolutely fantastic with both boys all week.

And here is Jack on the beach. He loved to taste and throw the sand, and just like his big brother, he had no fear of the water and would crawl out as far as he could (before mommy snagged him for fear of his life).

Jack refused to wear glasses, so he spent a lot of time in the shade.

Here is Jack enjoying the view from the house.
I told you he liked to taste the sand.

Everett and Uncle Danny built some great sand castles.

Sandcastles that Jack knocked down when Everett fell asleep.
Check out those sandals. Too cute!

Here we all are at the house.
And here is coral world where we got to feed the sting rays. Can you believe how brave this little guy is. Mommy must love him a lot because that is a dead fish in my hand.

Here the boys are on the ferry from St. John.
And this is a nice shot of downtown.
Here we are in the gondola at paradise point for sunset. We did some dancing at the restaurant on top. The ladies loved Everett's mad dancing skills, especially the bum bum shake.

Some Everett love.

Our favorite beach again.

Jack Jack exploring.

Omar the 400 pound sea lion we met at Coral World. He actually painted us a picture. If you ever come over, ask to see it.

Our favorite beach again.

Coral world shark feeding. Check out his adorable khaki shorts and loafers.

A cool bar at paradise point with swings.

Mamma and her boys. He told Daddy that I kissed that pirate.

Here is that Gondola at Paradise point. Ev loved it because he thought it was a choo choo.

Jost Van Dyke, Soggy Dollar Bar. Awesome spot!

Foxies, on Jost. A definite must see since we hung up a Lyon and Billard (Danny's company) shirt there (local tradition).

Well the vacation was great. It actually tired Everett out quite a bit. Here he is asleep on the plane.

On our favorite beach...

On pappa....

On a hammock on Jost....

On the ferry to St. John...

Our favorite beach.....

and Pappi again....

Great memories. Thanks to the fam for being so great to my boys!


Tad and Sarah said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Wish we could have gone too :(

And good job for making your boys wear hats and sunglasses....Aunt Sarah is proud!

Alison said...

Looks like an amazing trip! So many great shots of Everett- what a ham. I love that pic of him running on the beach! Miss you guys.

Laurie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Glad you all enjoyed the trip. You guys have such great pics of the fun! Miss you guys.