Saturday, May 01, 2010

A love story.

So indeed we have proven ourselves to be crazy, so lets examine that. Our new puppy did keep the name Delilah instead of our other choice, Lola, for two reasons. 1) Lola is a song that once it is in your head does not come out. 2) we flipped a coin and 5 times in a row the coin said to name her Delilah. The gods are pretty good to us, so we decided not to mess with their decision. Delilah it is. So Delilah and the boys absolutely love each other (well all the boys except Napolean who refuses to get within 2 feet of her). Everett says she is his bestest friend and cuddles her at every opportunity. And she loves it (unlike Naploean who refuses to get within 10 feet of him - see the theme).

So on top of a new puppy, we decided the deck needed some love too (this is after a few splinterectomies from some very unhappy little boys). So we ordered some new decking and started demolition.

As you can see, this was probably the right decision....

Other news; Jack has expanded his vocabulary. He now walks around pointing at everything in sight and saying WHhhhhhhhatttttts Zat (whats that). You let him know and he tries his best to repeat it. VERY CUTE!
and a great one liner from our niece Clare; Mommy, I want to be a swinger when I grow up. (to clarify, her parents are "fit". She just got a new swing set for the back yard).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy and Clint! Love the new family pictures with Delilah. She is cute and so are my grandsons.

Looks like you really did need a new deck and it is coming along nicely.

Love to all of you,
Mom (Diana)