Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's Potty time, and other unrelated event

It has been busy here (as usual). I would update the blog with the pictures from out trip to SC, but instead I will take this opportunity to call out my sister for not sending them yet.... So instead I will update what we have been doing. When we got home, Jack got rid of his pacifier and then went right into potty training. It took a few accidents, but dare I say he is potty trained!! He is wearing big boy underwear all the time (when awake) and doing great. Everett was really helpful in teaching him the ropes, and mommy got really good at cleaning the bathroom every few hours.

It has been getting pretty nice out, so we took our new kites (presents for the boys birthdays from Brian and Ali, Ev's Godparents) out for a try. Both boys loved it! Turns out they can do it all by themselves. Thanks Brian and Ali!

We had a nice Easter at Auntie Claudia and Uncle Danny's house. I will have to add some pics later. The boys dressed up in suits and were adorable. The Easter Bunny dropped off some baskets at our house, Aunt Claudia's and left some eggs there as well. It was a really nice day with family.

And the other day it was beautiful, so we hit the town beach. We stayed the whole morning and the boys even braved the chilly water and wadded in. We had to go home when the lips turned blue, but it looks like nice days are on their way!

And yesterday we headed out to a family fun day with Everett's friend Kendrick. They had a blast on the moon bounce, obstacle course, and pony rides!
Jack liked the ponys the most and kept yelling "Mamma, Daddy, look at me, I riding!!".

We will post some more soon.


Alison said...

Congrats, JackJack!!!

So glad the boys like the kites. I love all the smiles!

Anonymous said...

I need stamps. When I remember to get them I'll send the pics.

Anonymous said...

These are all really cute photos of the boys. Thank you for updating the blog. Miss you all.

Love, mom (grammy Miller)