Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Miller Boys Fishing

Jack and Everett tried their hand at fishing a few days ago. We grabbed some worms and bobbers and headed down to the lake. I was somewhat worried about whether or not we would catch anything but knew I had seen fish swimming in the lake.

Cast #1: After about 10 minutes of getting set up and getting Everett's rod rigged up he walked up and cast it right into a tree. Hook, line, and sinker...all gone. Oh well, on to the next cast:

Cast #2: After another 10 minutes of re-rigging Everett's pole the boys were starting to get restless. After all, we had been at the lake for 20 whole minutes, one cast into a tree and no fish yet. The second cast was a beauty. Everett put it right out there. I told him to wait and turned around to grab my pole. Next thing I knew he was screaming and reeling and landed his first fish.

It never slowed down. Cast after cast brought in a fish and I never did get my line wet. We caught 15 fish that morning with Jack landing the largest one. Here are a few pictures and a video.

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Alison said...

Way to go, boys!