Friday, March 16, 2012

Catching Up - August 2011

August brought with it Hurricane Irene, the largest storm to hit New England in close to 90 years. It came on shore as a tropical storm and brought with it quite a stom surge. We traveled inland to Uncle Danny and Aunt Claudia's house where we had a hurricane party. The next day the pictures really told the story. The town was without power for almost a week with some households not getting it back for almost 2 weeks. The water rose up and deposited flotsum all over the causeway below (usually 5-6 feet above water level) and all over our road. Boats on dry dock floated off their stands crashing into each other before being placed on the ground. We came out pretty well, our power was back in 1 day and our house suffered only a broken storm window and a little bit of lost siding (which was found in our neighbor's yard.)

Docks at the point were covered by the river.
Amy did her best Al Roker impression and luckily did not get blown away.

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