Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blog Spring Cleaning

I have finally gotten to the changes I wanted to make to this site. You will notice that the video is not embedded in the top of the blog now. It hasn't gone away. There is a new section over on the right called multimedia. It holds a link to all of the videos I have uploaded (there are 3 at time of writing) and there is also a link to pictures. This is nice because now you can view more than just the one video at a time. Also, since the pictures link is public you do not have to sign in to anything and you can view and download high quality pictures. This means that if you want you can put them on a flash drive or CD, take them to Walmart or CVS, and print out copies. The quality is good enough that 4x6 prints will come out nicely.

There is also a link to photos of Clare. Clare is Everett's older cousin, by 5 days.

Another minor change is that every post ever written is no longer on this front page. That will help the page load faster. They haven't gone away either. They are simply in the archives also located over on the right.

Hopefully these new changes will make the site a little easier to navigate and interact with. Always feel free to hit the comment link in any post and give a suggestion, the comments get e-mailed directly to me.

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