Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008!

Well my second Christmas was fantastic (except the sitting on Santa's lap part). We started off with Christmas Eve dinner (Bouillabaisse and homemade pasta Daddy and Pappi made). Mamma let me open my Christmas Eve present - new jammies to wait for Santa in. Grammi and Pappi one-up ed Mamma and got me a bike. I love it!

I started Christmas day off by coming downstairs and seeing my new red wagon, which I LOVE! Thanks Grandpa Moose.

I refused to get our of my wagon, so I opened my stocking from Santa while sitting in it.

Then I wanted to play with my new magnets from the wagon, so Mamma wheeled me over to the fridge and I played for quite a long time with those magnets. Mamma and Dadda were so happy, they kept saying that this was the best $.88 they had ever spent.

We went off to church, where I loudly pointed out the clock and declared I was ready to go Bye-Bye. Everyone around me laughed, but Mamma and Dadda made me stay the whole time. After breakfast and a nap, we went over to Grammi and Pappi's house for some more presents. I have to be just like Daddy, so Mamma let me have some "coppe" (coffee = warm chocolate milk) while we opened.
mmmm. Aunt Sarah, Uncle Tad, and Clare got me some cool train stuff and this awesome pillowcase for my new big boy bed. Elmo, my favorite.

I got some other cool books, videos, games, etc. and had a fantastic time, especially when Daddy, Pappi and Mamma played wii American Idol. Daddy was the winner, but I thought Mamma totally rocked.

Dinner was a feast, and I was tired from the day, so we decided to go home. Well I guess Mamma and Dadda decided to go home when I started screaming... They said I had enough.

The next day I opened a few more gifts from some very generous people. I got some awesome slippers and U.S. puzzle so I could see where my God parents were every few years when they move. Bri Bri and Ali are always so good to me

The Brunaughs got me a toy dog to remind me of Bailey (Baa-eee), their chocolate lab, which I love! He now sleeps with me in my big boy bed.
Mamma let me try out my new finger paints, and Dadda taught me some techniques. I think I did pretty good.
And Saturday was Christmas again with Uncle Danny and Aunt Claudia. They got me ELMO (Melmo). He is awesome!

I was pretty tired from all the excitement, so I rested with Papi. Christmas is fantastic and I can't wait till next year when I have a little brother to share it with.

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