Monday, December 08, 2008

The Christmas Tree

This weekend we went to get our Christmas tree. I had intended on cutting our own but after finding out I had to pay someone $40 to cut my own tree down I had second thoughts. After a bit of hunting we finally found a reasonable place and picked out a tree. We though we got a small one but as the branches began to drop we were left with a very wide tree. Oh well, it is pretty and the price was right. Here are a few pictures from picking it out and decorating it.
Meeting Santa at the Tree farm and ringing the bell.
The annual Untangling of the Lights.

The tree up and decorated.


Anonymous said...

Everyone notice how all of the decorations are above Everett's reach...

Anonymous said...

I made the picture of Everett in front of the tree as my computer background.

He is soooo cute.

Grandma thinks so!