Friday, April 03, 2009

Jack Update

It has been a hectic week here in the Miller house, but everything is going great with the boys. Here are some much asked for updates.

This is Everett getting ready for Jack's arrival. This carseat used to be huge compared to him.
Even Napolean got into the maternal spirit.

Everett and Jack got matching outfits from Aunt Sarah. This has his name on it and says he is a big brother! He wore it to meet Jack at the hospital.

Mommy and the boys! They are some handsome little guys.

Proud pappa

Meeting Grammi.

Metting Pappa

Everett loves to hold Jack. We have to keep him out of reach so he doesnt "take Jack" when we aren't looking.

Handsome guys!

Going home.

Auntie Claudia

Everett seems a bit big for Jacks bed.

Jack is a much better fit.

We are so excited you are here, safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad you put on updated pictures. I didn't want to push...but I wanted to see my nephews!!
Sarah and Tad

Anonymous said...

What cute little Miller guys! They will have so much fun growing up together. We got to visit very proud Grandpa & Grandma Miller and Aunt Danielle yesterday. Everyone is so happy for you all. Thanks for the update. Love, Anita & Tim

Anonymous said...

The photos are wonderful! We downloaded them and shared them with the Millers and Benkerts in Ohio/Indiana.

We are very proud of our two grandsons.

Grandma Miller