Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had some visitors up this weekend. Pretty much everyone related to Jack has been able to make the trip up to meet him. Here are some recent pics.
Pappa's 60th birthday party...Everett was quite the ham and Jack was passed around all day.

Uncle Danny...Jack's God-dad

Auntie Claudia, Jack's God-mom
Pappa Moose made the trip up as well.
And great new pics of Jack. He doesn't look like a newborn anymore. I swear he gets bigger everyday.


Anonymous said...

Jack is so big!! You are right...he doesn't look like a newborn anymore!

We can't wait to meet him!
Sarah, Tad, and Clare

Amy said...

We will be down as soon as you have "da-is" (no girl).

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful pictures of your gathering and of Everett and Jack.

Miss you all,

Mom (Diana)