Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boys to Men

The boys are growing up so fast I can hardly keep up, and I see them 24 hours a day. Jack is eating semi-solid food and teething crackers. He can also crawl, pull himself up and walk a bit while holding on. He spends his entire day pulling himself up on various pieces of furniture to check out the new view. Everett has learned how to stall, how to tell jokes and play pranks, and most of all that he is his own person and he does not need to listen to anyone at anytime. His new view is from the time out chair. But he is still adorable and has the best one-liners ever. Example, "Oh no mamma, the democrats are coming!"

Some good Photos of the guys hanging out.

Jack is getting so big - he is catching up with me.

And Here is Jack standing up and walking a bit.

Various pieces of furniture that he stands up with. He does still refuse to crawl most of the time, instead opting for the wounded soldier combat belly scoot.

Here is Ev "helping" rake the leaves. I guess he did help more than Mommy...

And here is one of Everett's great pranks. Daddy fell asleep and Everett put stickers on him. Daddy deserved it because he decorated a van in much the same manner in his earlier years (20s).


Anonymous said...

The last one is the best! How did you sleep through that!!

You need portraits of the boys! I seem to remember a wonderful sister giving you a gift card for it....what happened???

Sarah and the girls (oh and Tad, too)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Amy and great stories, thanks for sharing.


Alison said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Miller family! We miss you guys.

Laurie said...

I love the updates on your boys. I can't believe how big they are getting. Enjoy them while they're little...and I agree with Sarah that the last pic is by far the winner of that post.