Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a wonderful thanksgiving here in CT. Well there were a few moments of unhappiness, like when Jack fell and bit his tongue. Oh the hazards of learning to walk...But all in all it was a fabulous Thanksgiving. We had a few visitors including Aunt Danielle.
And Bailey. And there was lots of doggy love.

And brotherly love.

and Mommy love (the best kind of love of all).

The whole family. (minus Everett who won't slow down long enough for a picture)And Everett actually made this year's awesome centerpiece.
And another quote for the history books.
Me: Everett, what are you thankful for?
Everett: Ummm, I just thankful with cake!
Well at least he is grateful for something.

And last but not least it seems that Jack would like to make a liar of me. As soon as I posted last week about him refusing to crawl, he decided it was time. So the first video is the before: wounded soldier, I am being fired upon in the combat zone belly crawl. And below that is his new big boy crawl.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, thanks for sharing all the photos and videos. It looks like it was a great Thanksgiving. Fun to see Jack crawling on his hands and knees. It is wonderful to see all of you.

I miss you all!!