Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

We picked up a Christmas tree this week and finally got around to decorating it this weekend. I do have to say it is beautiful. Well I guess it is beautiful if you look towards the top of the tree where all of the ornaments are. The middle of the tree is pretty empty and the bottom hosts all of the unbreakable ornaments in a big clunk right in front. I even saw some stuffed animals and other toys in there for safe keeping I think. So if you are expecting all of these things, then I suppose it is beautiful! So here are some pictures of the boys in front of the tree prior to decorating. This one is pretty good.

In this one you can see the control slipping. The dog is sitting, as ordered by the finger in the left hand side of the picture. Not too bad.
And here is Everett going for the headlock and Napolean staring off into space. I believe this move is called the bone crusher. Merry Christmas!!

We also decorated the boys room. The new nightlight is extra Christmas lights. Mommy finally moved Jack out from our room and into the boys room the other night to the delight of Everett.

And just some other randomness. Here is a picture of Jack's naked time. He is cruising along on the furniture pretty well these days. He can also stand for a second or two at a time. One f my favorite things that he does (besides the adorable smiles) is that when he wants to be picked up, he will crawl as fast as he can toward you, lower his head and then use it as a battering ram to get your attention until he is cuddling in your arms or on your lap. adorable.

And Everett, seeing Jack's naked time, also had to have some of his own and has taken to removing his clothes. Here he is washing the dinner dishes. Let me know if this makes you want me to stop inviting you over to dinner

And to close, the latest one-liner from Everett.
Mommy - "Everett you are in time out for pushing your brother."
Everett - "Oh no, I suck."
And here is Everett doing some dancing.

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