Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year, especially since it was Jack's first. It all started on Christmas eve with Grammi helping Everett make gingerbread men and women for Santa Clause. Uncle Danny and Aunt Claudia joined us for dinner. After that we opened a few gifts including their traditional new jammies.

Everett loves his Lightning McQueen jammies.

Jack got a new pair of Dinosaur Jammies. Here he is playing with Aunt Claudia.

The boys helped Pappi make a fire in the fireplace and we settled in for some present opening (tearing into).

Everett opened up a present from his Godparents, a very nice helicopter sweatshirt that he wore all night.

Jack received some very nice presents from his Godparents (Uncle Danny and Aunt Claudia) including this Leapster light up ball.

After a very full night both boys passed out and we had to take them home so that Santa could come. The next morning was a lot of fun. Santa found the house thanks to the food that Everett left out for the reindeer. Santa drank all the milk and took a bite out of the cookies. He left some nice presents as well. Here is Everett enjoying his new Ipod.

...and Jack with his stacker toy.

Santa made Everett an easel too with a Blackboard on one side and paper on the other.

It was a wonderful Christmas in Old Saybrook.


Anonymous said...

It does look like a wonderful Christmas. I am glad to see the photos and how much fun you all had.

mom - Diana

Alison said...

Funny, Ev... I also got an IPod for Christmas. Pretty sweet, huh?!

Amy said...

I should say that we didn't buy Everett and ipod. Mommy got a sweet pink ipod, though, so Ev inherited the shuffle that mommy inherited the year before. We filled it with kids music.

iltroio said...

your feet hum man