Tuesday, December 08, 2009

School days

Everett went to school today!! He absolutely loved it - so much so that when Mommy went to pick him up he hid under a table so that he didn't have to leave. It didn't work, but all the teachers found it pretty amusing...Mommy didn't laugh. Here are some pictures of his first day with his new friends (one of which he claims ripped his ear off).

And here is a picture of the infamous tree. In this section you can see a toy as well as Ev's awesome homemade Christmas ornaments.

The fine print: Mommy went back to work for 45 days for the Coast Guard, so Jack tried out daycare today. He didn't like it, so we will not mention it again and will work to forget this period of time.


Catharine said...

It's great to see Everett enjoying his first day of school!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that Everett really loved school, he is such a people person. The photos are great! Sorry for little Jack, I guess he is rather young for such.

Love to all of you,

Laurie said...

Everett looks so happy! I'm glad that he is doing so well and making new friends. You will now enjoy the thrills of daycare stories which are generally amuzing and very inaccurate. Hope Jack is happier now.