Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter and more birthday

So the week before Easter was a productive one. Everett and I finished taking off the lower cabinets in the kitchen and painting them. Everett was a great painter, as you can see below.
After finishing this project and all the clean-up that came with letting a 3 year old help paint, we had another project to tackle. De-watering Grammi and Pappis basement after the worst flooding in the northeast since 1982. It wasn't too bad and while Mommy and Daddy worked, Everett got to watch toonies and Jack gorged himself on graham crackers.
Well Easter came with some nicer and drier weather. We had an Easter Egg hunt at Grammis. Auntie Claudia helped Jack out a bit.

Jack stole some eggs from Everett when he wasn't looking.

And the Easter Bunny dropped off some sweet baskets (I think Auntie Claudia and Uncle Danny helped him pick). Grammy also had some baskets dropped off at her house and he made a trip to our house as well. The boys made out like bandits...

And then we celebrated all the march birthdays. Doesn't Jack look just adorable.

Here is the favorite (and loudest) gift.

Tell me this isn't the coolest cake you have ever seen (the food channel doesn't count). Oh you can't. Well Auntie Claudia and Uncle Danny made this feat of awesomeness in honor of the boys' birthdays (including pappas). It really puts my orange chocolate chip truck cake to shame.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amy and Clint, Looks like a great Easter and Birthday celebration. I love the train cake. That take some real talent!

Love to all of you,
Grandma Miller