Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

My baby isn't a baby anymore. Jack is officially a toddler. He is walking, talking and eating like a big man nowadays. He walks around the house all day long, says
And he eats like a champ. He eats solid foods for all three meals and he eats more than Everett does. He is also quite the mooch and anytime he sees someone eating something, he walks over, points and says, eh (which means let me eat that). He also gives the greatest kisses when you ask.
So lets start off with my other big man. This pic cracks me up...doesn't he look like he stopped at a diner or truck stop somewhere for his morning coffee?
As is tradition, we started off the day with some good ole decorated pancakes.

Then we scooted off to a local farm where we met some cows and the cutest little lambs.

On the way home the boys did the local Easter egg "hunt". Jack cheered his big brother on from the sidelines.

Then we came home for naps and Grandma and Pappa Miller arrived. We opened some great presents for both boys.

Jack got this awesome giraffe tent. Cant wait to take it to the beach!

And Grandma and Pappa played some games with Ev, who got a whole set of lightning McQueen kids games and candy land.

After that we went out to the pizza place with the miniature and real trains.

And came home for some angel food cake. Jack loved the cake, surprise surprise.

I think Jack enjoyed his big day. Thanks to the Millers for coming to visit! Stay tuned for birthday number 3 for Ev and number 2 for Jack next weekend. They just keep coming.
Some golden nuggets from the mind of Everett
  • Mamma, I cant go to bed, it isn't healthy for Everett.
  • Mamma, you can go back to work, I just go to playschool all day.
  • As he ran over my building block building with his car "look mamma, I drive like Aunt Sarah" (this one is one of my favorites).
  • Ev - Mommy are you OK? Me - Yes buddy, just a little upset. Ev - Because Daddy hit you and bite you? (for the record he did not, but I can't wait until he says that little gem in public).

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Alison said...

That is the coolest tent I have ever seen. Seriously.