Sunday, March 21, 2010

Open Cockpit Day at The Air Museum

I found out through a contact at work that our local Air Museum has open cockpit days and being from Dayton, Ohio (the birthplace of aviation Tad) I couldn't resist taking the kids (Everett and Papa).

We all had a great time. The first plane we came upon was a Corsair. After waiting in line I took Everett up the stairs to the cockpit. I sat him down, he played with the joystick and moved the rudder. After he was done I took him down the stairs to where Papa was waiting for us. I expected to move on but Papa handed me his jacket, said "my turn now," and hopped up the stairs into the cockpit.

Here he is in a couple of the cockpits.

"Officer in Charge." Isn't that the truth.
Here he is in an old Coast Guard Helicopter.

Overall we had a great time, a good boys' day.

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Anonymous said...

But where did they ACTUALLY fly for the first time?

Looks like her had fun! Clare would have loved it!