Sunday, March 07, 2010

Jack can walk!

So it has been a little crazy in the Miller house for the last few weeks. Everett got sick, Jack got sick, Jack learned to eat and to walk! So let us catch you up on the happenings.

Jack turned 11 months old. Here he is in all his crazy hair glory.

We got to babysit Bailey again while his parents were in the hospital with their new baby Addie! Bailey is quite the protector and felt compelled to try and get the kids out of what he considered to be a certain deathtrap for them. After about 20 minutes of whining, crying and trying to pull them out, he then tried to get in with them.

The weather has been getting pretty nice, so we decided to take a walk as a fam. As you can see here, Napolean refused to budge and ended up riding with the kids. You know it is bad for him when he chooses to cuddle with Everett over anything else.

And here is Jack who finally realized that solid food can be fun (and messy)!

This is a short video of his newest skill, walking! Look out world, the little imp is on the loose.

And our other news....So Everett has a bad habit of sticking his hands in his mouth.I also think he secretly licks doorknobs when I am not looking...anyway, he brought the plague into the house and suffered with a fever for a few days. He passed it onto his brother and Jack has been sick for a few days now. He got a fever of 104.5 and mom and dad took him to the ER where we witnessed a glimpse into the likings of a Jerry Springer show. It looks like he is on the mend now, and we can officially check off the nervous parents rushing the sick child to the hospital parenting requirement. Check.

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Laurie said...

Jack and Ev are so big! Wow! Sure is exciting for Jack to be walking. Watch out though. Also glad that everyone seems to be feeling better.