Monday, July 19, 2010

We are behind again....

Last weekend we went off to a couple of friends wedding in northern Connecticut. It was one of the best weddings we have ever been to. Here are the bride and groom with the beautiful backdrop.
After the ceremony the kiddos played really well together. Here are the boys and Lindsey.
And Shelby and Ally came to join the group.

Here is a picture of Everett who was pretty smitten with Shelby. In the background you can see Donna, Shelby's Little sister being held by her mom.

The bride and groom enjoying their dance.

Congratulations Catharine and Colorado! Enjoy the honeymoon!
And here are a few pictures of Delilah who is growing up fast. When we first got her she could scoot under the island without a problem. Now it takes some wiggling, but she gets it done.

shhhh...shes hiding.

The wedding seems to have pooped the little one out. He fell asleep during his favorite activity...eating.

Here Everett is trying to imitate Daddy. He actually put this outfit on himself. He said he wanted to go work on the house (maybe followed by a little rendition of YMCA).

And this weekend we went down to Annapolis and Washington D.C. to visit some family. Here is Jack on the metro, riding like a big boy.

We went into D.C. to spend some time with Caroline who flew in for a conference (with her parents who I did not take a picture of). Here we are in front of the Washington Monument.
It tired poor Caroline out to be around such crazy little boys, but she found a pretty comfy spot to sleep.

Here are the kiddos in their hotel room party.

Jack and Caroline had a few too many milk shooters and got a little crazy.

And even smooched.

But every time we get together with the Venns, a stroller pays the ultimate price. Our latest one didn't make it off the metro.

After our trip to the city, we relaxed the next day with some painkillers at Pussers outlet in Annapolis with Clint's parents.

Jack really got in the Caribbean frame of mind.

And here is one of my favorite gifts from Clare. Thanks Clare, I love it!!

Thanks to the fam for having us! We had a blast and hope to see you all again soon, especially our beautiful little nieces (sorry adults, but you just cant compete).

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Alison said...

So fun! We miss you guys. There's some TX coffee on its way to you.