Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parents Visit and Jet Skiing

This past weekend was a great one. We had some of the greatest weather all summer and my parents came up to enjoy it with us. They also brought my grandparents' jet ski up. The jet ski was used by my grandparents, parents, myself, and now my kids spanning four generations of Miller craziness. Here is a picture of myself, and both Jack Millers with the jet ski.

After a long drive back to Ohio to pick it up and then a drive up to Connecticut from maryland my parents delivered the jet ski. As a reward, we thought we would take it out.

Here is Amy and Everett about to jump on. Amy turned out to be quite a speed demon and Everett loves it.

Here is Grandpa Miller about to go out and teach Everett how to properly spin out a jet ski.

Mom still loves to ride and was the luckiest when it came to finding waves. She put some air under the hull on quite a few occasions.

Even Jack went for a ride with Amy. Here they are waving for the camera.

Amy and Everett out for another ride.

This jet ski is big enough for the whole family.

A big thanks to my grandparents and Uncle Tim for getting the jet ski ready for us. It ran perfectly like the day it came off the line 15 years ago. Also thank you to my parents for all the driving they did to bring it up to us. We will take good care of it.


Alison said...

Awesome! That looks like so much fun. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It was a lot of fun. A great weekend jetskiing.

Love, mom

cindy n-g said...

Sweet, I'm going to have to come visit you guys when its actually warm out sometime ;)