Monday, August 23, 2010

County Fair Time

Well the weather is starting to turn a little and that means it is time for county fairs. We went to a small one this past weekend in Lyme, CT. and had a pretty good time. Amy and I learned from a clown how to make a balloon into a dog. Jack and Everett had a great time riding some rides.

Here is Amy with Jack and Everett on the helicopters.

Everett and Jack both rode around on the fire trucks.

Mommy took Everett way up high on the Ferris Wheel.
"Look son, a Carnie"
Everett was even given a hat at the entrance and donned it to do some goat feeding.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. There are no pictures, but my favorite part was the 2-story high slide that Jack and I raced Amy and Everett down on carpets. (we won.)


Amy said...

You did have a weght advantage. Jack is a bruiser....

Anonymous said...

These are great photos and glad you all had so much fun.

Love, mom