Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're Back Baby!!!!

So it has been a while (3 months). Things have been hectic around here so some things have been neglected. Don't worry, it wasn't the kids, it was the blog (and laundry, dishes, dusting, etc). I got recalled to the Coast Guard, but luckily an awesome previous supervisor got me re-routed to New London from New Orleans! So between that, Clint's job, my grad school, and the kids, things got a bit hectic, but we made it through and did all this cool *&%@ during it all. Here is a cornucopia of happenings.
To start off, here is Jack eating a few M&Ms.

Hitting the beach on the jet ski!

Everett was "quiet" for too long and this is what I discovered he was doing.

There was a visit to the Roger Williams Zoo. Our favorite exhibit was the petting zoo and the "BaaBaas"

Apparently it tired Everett out (although he refused to go to sleep).

We met my college roommate up in Boston and tried to fit it all in during one short day. First we hit the Boston Children's museum.

After that we had some lunch in the north end and hit the awesome farmers market. Jack ate like the beast that he is.

We tried to make the commons, but ran short of time, so chose to try the carousel and a local park.

On our way home we saw the lights in Fenway were on so we decided to try and get tickets. We did and the boys got to enjoy their first baseball game at FENWAY!!

Judging from this hardcore sleep, it was a good day!

In major news, Everett started real school. He goes twice a week for a few hours and he loves it (so does Mommy). Here he is getting his new backpack for his first day.

Delilah has been getting really big and really loves the boys. Here she is snoodling Jack.

And now it is officially fall. That means jumping in leaves.

And Halloween. Everett decided to be a coconut tree for the big day and I think he pulled it off pretty well. Jack was a monkey. And Uncle Danny was Pauli D. I think he pulled it off pretty well too.

I am sure I am missing something and will post things as I remember. We will also be posting more often, so if you are still reading, come back often. Jack is now talking up a storm, so some videos will be next.


Anonymous said...

Amy, great to see some new photos again. Thanks for sharing, love to all.

Grammy Miller

Alison said...

Amy, you're hilarious. Love the carousel picture. The boys are so big!