Monday, January 10, 2011

The big Surprise!

My sister called and asked us if we could be at her house at 4:30 on a Thursday for a "surprise for the boys". So of course we did, and the surprise was better than I could imagine. A stretch limo pulled into the driveway!

We strapped the boys in and we were off to look at the lights they set up in the parks around the state.
We started with lighthouse point, were Clint and I were married. The favorite light sets were the trains, trucks, and cars.

After lighthouse point, we hit a local burger king to use the bathroom. while we were there, we hit the drive through, which was hysterical. We pulled up to the window and all the people at the drive through could see was me and the two kids in their car seats. Everyone who worked there came to see. It was pretty funny....

We hit Hubbard park after Burger king for some more lights and then grabbed some order out pizza for dinner. It was an amazing night in the "machine" as Jack calls it. I can say for sure that my first limo ride was to a wedding, when I was in my 20s. My boys certainly are SPOILED by their awesome family!

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Katie said...

i didn't realize you went in a limo!! that's sweeeeeeet

p.s. you're still in your 20s... for another 2 weeks :D