Monday, January 03, 2011

Polar Express

So as luck would have it, a friend of a friend of a friend got sick on the 23rd and couldn't use her tickets to the polar express. Terrible for them, but great for us. So Grammi, Everett, Jack and I climbed aboard the Polar Express for an awesome pre-Christmas trip to the North Pole.

The inside of the train was decorated with all kinds of Christmas lights and Sammy Snowflake was in our car to entertain us on the long trip up to the North Pole.

Here is Grammi and the boys at the beginning of our adventure.

I think Everett was excited!

Here is Jack with Sammy the Snowflake during one of his musical numbers.

Jack still talks about the "polpress" and how he danced on the train.

So after some games, caroling, music, and dancing, the kids got served some hot chocolate by some of Santa's helpers.

And then some cookies.

And then we met Santa!!! who gave each of the boys a little present.

It was a great trip and the boys loved it! I think we might have a new Christmas tradition.

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Anonymous said...

An exciting holiday season for you all, going to New York and then the Polar Express train ride. Looks like it was an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing Amy.

Love, Diana