Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dr.'s Update

I took the morning off work to accompany Amy to the Doctor's for another ultrasound. It turns out, the baby is actually slightly smaller than average, at just under 6 pounds. He is beyond a doubt a he. His heart is pumping away and is his lungs are working, that explains why he gets the hiccups all the time. It looks like everything is going well and he is ready to go at any time. Here is the latest picture of him. If you look right at the top of the ultrasound you can see his face. His chin is to the left. His arm is partially covering and it is squished up against something but you can definately make it out.


Anonymous said...

Clint and Amy, this is getting so exciting. The baby looks wonderful. ANYTIME NOW!!!

Love, mom (Diana)

Cindy said...

I'm exciiiiiited for the baby! I'll take your word on the ultrasound though. It's like a friggin inkblot test to me.