Monday, February 19, 2007

New Poll Question

Alright folks,

Amy just had her birthday and mine is on March 10th. That means that much to her disdain, if the baby is born in between now and then she will be an older mom than I am a dad. The baby is due on March 7th, and I wanted to see when everyone else thinks he is coming. I have put up a new poll on the right hand side over there so that you all can put your vote in. don't let me down.



Cindy said...

I think you guys are going to hit your due date like Kelly did...she started labor on the due date anyway.

Amy said...

Since Clint got to put in his plug, I wanted to try and sway the vote as well. I don' think he is coming until after the 10th, so if you are placing a bet, vote AFTER THE 10th. I actually have the 10th and the 11th in the baby pool.