Thursday, March 05, 2009

Everett gets a fish!

Lets face it, Napolean isn't the family dog. He is our (Clint and Amy) dog and he tolerates Everett. So when Clint heard that Clare got a fish, he thought we must need one as well. He and Everett went out one day and bought a brand new aquarium and loaded it up with a "pie-ate" ship, some plants and a few fish. Sadly we have had two losses (I think they were heart attacks from the banging on the glass, Clint says they were sick), but we also have a frog named Riddit or nine (it depends on the day). Every night Everett goes "nu-night" with the "fish-ees", but it is definitely Daddy who enjoys the tank most.

Adding the "pie-ate" ship. He LOVES pirates.


Anonymous said...

Clare got ONE fish...not a tank!

Anonymous said...

Amy and Clint,
These are such cute pictures. So happy to see how the family keeps growing.
Keep these lovely day to day stories coming. We love it.

Grandma Miller