Monday, March 16, 2009

Everett's birthday present

So Clint and I decided to make Everett a train set that we could roll out from under his bed. Everett helped with the screwing and the measuring.

Then we screwed down the train set, painted roads, a beach, ponds and fields. All we had left was adding the props. We hope he likes it!
Here is the finished product.
The city and beach half.The pond and safari half.


Anonymous said...

Amy and Clint,

This is just beautiful, and special since you both made it for him. He is going to love it, I am sure.

Love, mom

cindy n-g said...

That is awesome. I want to come over and play with it!

Amy said...

Cindy, you are welcome anytime!

Laurie said...

That is pretty darn creative. We are not that creative. I am VERY impressed by you guys. And 9 months pregnant and sitting on the floor painting. Good job Amy! He'll LOVE it!

Katie said...

wow! that's super cool!!!! will you build one for me???