Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Everett

I was hoping to be able to post about 2 birthdays, but the littlest Miller seems to be a bit on the stubborn side.... Nonetheless, Everett had a fantastic 2nd birthday.
We started the day off with Everett sneaking in a quick opening before breakfast.
Here is the newest addition to the family - Baby Elmo. Everett feeds him, puts him to bed, and he goes everywhere with us. Thanks to the Venns- this will be perfect when the baby comes!
Daddy made Everett some special mickey "cakes" for breakfast.
Then we went upstairs to show Everett his train set. He loved it!

He played for about an hour and a half and and then we went downstairs to open some more gifts. Grandpa Moose got him "cars" (lightning McQueen). We then had to watch some of the movie. Grandma and Grandpa Miller got some food and plates and we had a picnic.

What a ham!

We had a good day and went over Grammi and Pappa's for homemade pizza dinner. Yum!
After dinner was mickey cupcakes, but Everett doesn't like his hands dirty, so he only used his mouth.

And some more gifts. Aunt Sarah got him another Elmo pillowcase - he loves his big boy bed and has to have an Elmo pillowcase on it. He got some great new books for dinnertime too.

And Grammi and Pappa gave him some awesome blocks, a "mato-head" and some awesome "cars". We have to play "mato -head" and blocks every morning.Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Miller sent Everett some money in the mail. He took it straight to the pet store to pick up some more fish for his aquarium. Then he took one of his girlfriends on a date to the play place. Auntie Katie also sent a more than generous savings bond for Everett as well. Thanks Auntie Katie and everyone for making it a great birthday!
And another update. Everett's godparents, Brian and Ali, sent Everett a more than generous savings bond as well. Thanks guys!! Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I hope to send you pictures and updates more often. Love you!


Katie said...

i think my favorite part of the whole post (other than the complete adorableness of my "nephew") is the shirt he is wearing! i also love his mom... where can i get one???

the train set looks absolutely amazing, and now i totally want an elmo pillowcase for my bed. i love and miss you guys!!!


Laurie said...

He is such a ham and the posing for the camera is classic. I love it! Looks like he made out like a bandit.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the great photos of Everett's big day and for sharing all the moments, since we could not be there. He had quite a day celebrating and with all the fantastic gifts.

We are awaiting news of Miller baby #2 to make an appearance.

Love, Diana